tirsdag 18. oktober 2011

SUN2012 Sustainable Urban Neighbourhoods in Trondheim 21-23 June 2012

NTNU invites you to the SUN2012 conference in co-operation with iiSBE International Initiative for a Sustainable Built Environment. SUN2012 aims to focus on what happens in between buildings on a neighbourhood / community level: mobility, accessibility, attractiveness, resilience, and functionality of building clusters, infrastructure, people, green-blue structures and economy.

Some of the questions we are aiming to explore:

  • Think globally, act locally! How to facilitate change towards sustainable and resilient neighbourhoods?
  • Urban resilience. How much change can we handle?
  • Hidden infrastructures (energy, waste, water): What kind of change is needed to optimise their functionality under more harsh climate and demographic conditions?
  • Smart grids and synergy grids: do they change the energy paradigm, and can they be implemented everywhere?
  • Mobility: how do design neighbourhoods for pedestrians, cyclists, public transport and private cars?
  • Qualified density: can we optimise population density with regard to quality of life, architectural quality, and material and energy flows in the built environment?
  • Integrated environmental impact assessment: balanced embedded and use phase emissions
  • Can pushing the limits in neighbourhoods lead to a shift towards more service-based organisation, favouring green jobs and local economy?
  • Do neighbourhoods with green-blue structures make people more happy?
  • Do people consume/travel less when living in a high-quality neighbourhood?
  • Can shared facilities promote intergenerational understanding?
  • Can we measure, compare & evaluate neighbourhood qualities?

A Call for abstracts will be announced in the beginning of November 2011.

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