mandag 31. august 2009

090902 Energy efficiency in buildings (Lise Bergflødt, Skanska)

aud: S6

The guest lecture is given by Mrs. Lise Bergflødt, Business development manager in Green Construction, Skanska AB. Skanska is a global company within the building industry with construction and development business in Europe, USA and Latin America and 60 000 employees.
About 2 years ago Skanska decided upon a vision; "We are determined to be the leading green project developer and contractor". A team, the Green Construction team was established to make a strategy. The team was a diverse team, consisting of 7 employees from different parts of the company. The journey started.
Buildings accounts today for 40% of the total energy consumption in the world. The building industry is pointed out as the industry that the easiest can do something about their energy consumption. The industry is also a big contributor to the CO2 emissions and waste in the world. But why does the industry move so slowly, what are the obstacles and what kind of incentives do they need to create change? The technology is there! Lise will tell you about the findings she and her team have done so far on their journey. What steps have they taken?
The guest lecture is given as part of the Industrial Ecology course (TVM4162), but is also an open guest lecture for all interested students and employees. The lecture will be held in English.

torsdag 27. august 2009

090831 Paul Woodville, Niels Torp (NO)

Integrated energy design: recent projects

Paul Woodville RIBA; currently employed at Niels Torp, formerly GAIA (Edinburgh/Norway) and Architype, London

Among his recent projects are:
* StatoilHydro Operations Centre in Bergen
* Miljøforskning forskningsparken in Oslo
* Office development, Avantor in Nydalen, Oslo
Plus numerous projects in the UK and elsewhere

aud: Mellomrommet

090828 Christian Cold, Entasis (DK)

Fredagens gjesteforeleser er Christian Cold Fra Entasis
Entasis er en dansk, nyskapende tegnestue som er svært bevisste på historie og akkumulert kultur i sine prosjekter. De har, blant mye annet, vunnet den internasjonale arkitektkonkurransen om å gjøre Carlsberg fabrikker i København til en ny bydel. For å lage en god og overbevisende bydel, kombinerte de en moderne bys logikk med den mer pittoreske planen over Carlsbergs underjordiske anlegg! Bydelen blir det første større område i Danmark der alle større nye bygg er i lavenergiklasse 1. To tredjedeler av den eksisterende industrielle, eklektiske og modernistiske bebyggelsen beholdes. Dette er et prosjekt som antas å gå over 25 år..!
Ellers har de en rikholdig hjemmeside for mer info:

Sted: F1
Tid: Fredag 28.august kl.14:15-16:00

fredag 21. august 2009

Intelligent Architecture journal - free

XIA international (Intelligente Architektur) har started to publish to issues a year in English. The issues are filled with green building projects worldwide.
You can order a subscription for free by sending a fax to +49 -(0)711.7591-368 with the following information:

*ZIP Code / City
*Date / signature

Or send the info (with signature) as an attachment to:

onsdag 19. august 2009

090819 Carbon neutral - A life cycle perspective

Location: auditorium S6

12h15 - 13h00
"What does 'carbon neutral' mean?"
Rolf André Bohne, Industrial Ecology, NTNU

13h15 - 14h00
"Building materials; Environmental efficiency in lifecycle"
Anne Sigrid Nordby, Product Design, NTNU

mandag 17. august 2009

Please help us

do you know of open lectures, activities or other interesting stuff related to sustainable architecture going on in Trondheim?
Please let us know!

fredag 14. august 2009

090818 KLIMAX frokostmøte

Teknik och social förändring

Passivhus i Sverige: utvecklingen under 2000-talet (Wiktoria Glad, Linköping Universitet)

Gränsen offentligt-privat: hur långt in i hemmen kan offentliga styrmedel nå? (Jenny Palm, Linköping Universitet)

Sted: Dokkhuset