tirsdag 15. mai 2012

Klimax frokostseminar 22. Mai

Tema for neste ukes KLIMAX frokostmøte er  ”Bruk av massivtre i store byggeprosjekter - muligheter og utfordringer for lokal næringsutvikling”, se vedlagt program:

Bruk av massivtre elementer åpner for miljøeffektive og rasjonelle løsninger for mange ulike typer bygg. I de siste år har både private og offentlige byggherrer reist passivhus i massivtre. Men, i mangel på norske leverandører velger mange å importere byggelementene. Dette gir dårligere miljøregnskap, tapte muligheter for bedrifter og lokalsamfunn som er avhengige av skog- og trevareindustrien, og kanskje dyrere bygg enn nødvendig. Hva kan massivtre bety for verdikjeden rundt skogbruk og trevarer? Hvordan kan ulike aktører påvirke denne utviklingen?

Seminaret inngår i KLIMAX, NTNUs frokostmøteserie om klimautfordringer og byggebransjen. Seminaret støttes av Trebyen Trondheim og Trondheim kommune.
Enkel økologisk frokost serveres kl 08.00-08.30.
Påmelding innen fredag 18. mai på epost til lillian.strand@ntnu.no.

onsdag 9. mai 2012

Final presentation, Rotvoll project, 11 May

We are in the final phase of the design project in Integrated Energy Design (AAR4616) course of the Master in Sustainable Architecture.
On Friday, 11.may we will have the final presentation of the refurbishment of an old barn to NZEB, all are welcome to participate and discuss the outcomes of the 4 groups.

We will start at 10 am in the corridor of the 2. Floor (norwegian) of central building 1 with an opening ceremony of the exhibition as part of the European Solar Days (http://www.solardays.eu/).

A short introduction to the European Solar Days
What started in 2002 as "Day of the Sun" in Austria has developed into an annual full blown pan-European campaign running over several weeks.
The European Solar Days successfully promote the use of a free unlimited renewable energy source available everywhere to everyone to generate electricity as well as heating and cooling: the SUN.

This campaign raises public awareness and involves several hundred thousand citizens at local level. Pioneer countries such as Austria, Germany, Switzerland, as well as others that successfully embraced this initiative like France, Italy and Spain, are only too keen to share their experience and help spread the word. The European Solar Days are celebrated in an increasing number of countries and in 2011 around 8000 events were organized in 19 European countries by diverse organisations ranging from solar equipment manufacturers to schools and local authorities.
This initiative brings together major players from the solar thermal and solar electricity sectors throughout Europe. The European Solar Days, which are coordinated by ESTIF in close cooperation with EPIA, are supported by around 25 organisations at a national and European level.

The organisation of annual "Solar Day" events on a national level aims to raise public awareness of intelligent energy solutions and behaviours, particularly for Solar Thermal and Photovoltaics.
See the Norwegian programme here: http://www.solenergi.no/arrangementer-2/esd2012/arrangering/

An official annual "European Solar Day" throughout Europe will be dedicated to increase public awareness of solar energy as an inexhaustible energy source and to encourage more and more people in the European Union to use it. The target is to mobilise 3.000 solar events across the participating countries by 2008/2009 contributing to reaching of the binding target of a 20 % share of renewable energies in the EU by 2020.
The student projects will be exhibited for one week before they will be moved to our client Camphill Rotvoll. More information on following events will be posted.
Best regards
Matthias Haase
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