Student projects

Master of Science in Sustainable Architecture:

Spring 2012- AAR4993 Master Theses 

Summary: Master Brochure

Sustainable residential ventilation, Vegard Heide
Thermal mass activation - PowerHouse. Kristoff Lijnen
The Potential of Facade-Integrated Ventilation Systems in Nordic Climate, Michael Gruner
Transformation of a barn at Camphill Rotvoll, Alise Plavina
Energy Retrofits of Residential Buildings – impact on architectural quality & occupants' comfort. Ivan Kalc
Architectural Integration of Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal Collector Systems into buildings.      Arjun Basnet
The impact of building morphology on energy consumption. Lin Du
The Impacts on Solar Access and Energy Demand of Different Building Masses in Linear Building Forms. Chenchen Guo
Emissions accounting for ZEB Shoebox model:
-Strategies for optimizing the operational energy supply. -Elisabetta Caharija and                 -Strategies for reducing the embodied carbon from a life cycle perspective. -Nigar Zeynalova.
PCM Application-Effect on Energy Use and IA Temperature. -Mila Shrestha,

Spring 2012 - AAR4616 Integrated Energy Design, Rotvoll

Group 1: Sangyi Sun, Shabnam Arbab and Marco Reimensberger 
Group 3: Nava Shahin, Yidan Jia, Chuanzhong Zhang
Group 4: Sara Caramaschi, Sorour Ghodrat, Kristian Skeie. Too big file.

Group 5: Javad Darvishi, Syed Hasnain Abbas Shah, Safura Abdiha

Spring 2012 - AAR4926 Integrated Energy Theory

Assignment 3:
Group 5: Javad Darvishi, Syed Hasnain Abbas Shah, Safura Abdiha, Antonino Vitale

Vår 2011 - AAR4926 Integrated Energy Design, Linesøya

Langerock, Shrestha, Alinaghizadeh

Heide, Kalc, Ness

Du, Basnet,Viklund

Caharija, Daher, Gruner

Zeynalova, Guo, Lijnen

Alarcó, Davoult, Plavina

Høst 2010 - AAR4532 Climate and Built Form

Solar Decathlon Detailing

Durr, Guo, Khezri, Lijnen, Lykke

Basnet, Du, Lilleby, Ness, Plavina

Alarco, Shrestha, Caharija, Heide, Kråkmo

Zeynalova, Gruner,Kalc, Davoult, Foss

Solar Decathlon Concept

Vår 2010 -  Særkurs: AAR 4610 Energy and Environmental Friendly Buildings

Linesøya passive house - renovation of old school to passivehouse standard
Project description

Student projects:

Almeida, Mauricio, Chabaud

Mercina, Scheiffelen, Jaunzems

Langrusten, Kannelønning, Helleve

Deschamps, Schultze-Florey, Wunder

Centeno, Freire

Vasconcelos, Cambuzat, Battedou, Liu